Change Citrix Receiver Default Keyboard Layout to German

Citrix Receiver works perfect in ubuntu 14.04. now. Only problem is the Keyboard-Layout if you would like to use different layout than US.

Changing the Layout is easy. Just open the terminal and navigate to the Citrix settings folder. In my case it is:
cd ~/.ICAClient/
open the file wfclient.ini
nano wfclient.ini
search for Paramter KeyboardLayout
change KeyboardLayout=(User Profile) to KeyboardLayout=GERMAN

Restart Citrix-Client.


4 Gedanken zu „Change Citrix Receiver Default Keyboard Layout to German

  1. fronk

    I have the exact opposite problem. Server layout is german and I have US International on my Ubuntu Desktop. The following in .ICAClient/wfclient.ini solved it for me:

    KeyboardDescription=Mapping file for linux

    Otherwise my keys are all over the place.


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